Block ice machine of 12 items


It is an ideal cooling system for Bakers, bakery products, fishermen, logistics, mining and concrete plants.


Technical Specifications

Daily Ice Capacity  : 300-350 kg
Daily Block Production  : 60 pieces/24 hours
Each Ice Weight  :  5 - 6 kg 
Ice Making Time  : 4-5 hours
Electrical Voltage  : 380V - 50-60 Hz
Ice Temperature Rating   : -13' C
Refrigerant  : Freon R404A
Ice Color  : White / 7 degree
Electricity Consumption  : 1,5 KW / Hour
Machine Dimensions  : Wi: 900mm L: 900mm H:1100mm
Machine Weight  : 135 kg
Compressor Type   : Hermetic / 1.50 Amp
Compressor / hp  : Tecumseh French / 1.5 hp


  • The exterior of the machine and bathtubs are 304 grade stainless steel  chrome plated.
  • Brine part is polyethylene coated to prevent salt damage.
  • Thanks to polyurethane insulation it provides maximum power even in +50 C  degrees.
  • It is very useful with wheeled ergonomic design and small footprint.
  • Unlike the compression ices  brine system melts so hardly and  ensures maximum efficiency of the ice.
  • It can store the ice inside machine for future use if required.
  • It is approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.
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